Automated Peen Forming

Automated Peen Forming

At KSA, we specialize in the Automated Peen Forming (APF) of integral metallic components for space launchers. For example, we peen form fuel tank bulkheads, tank barrels and further structural components for the new Ariane 6 space launcher.

Our process is suitable for large spherical, elliptical, cylindrical and conical segments with varying geometries. The component in question is bombarded with thousands of steel pellets known as “shot” (0.5-8 mm), the impact of which changes the shape of the part permanently.

APF is a frozen, closed-loop process which responds automatically to residual stresses and variations in the component material. Later changes and developments in component design can be accommodated by adapting the process parameters and software accordingly.

Quick, precise, reliable and cost-efficient, our APF not only finishes to extremely low tolerances, but also guarantees complete process control and repeatability, thereby reducing throughput times and cutting costs.

Elliptical segment for a large space launcher

Cylindrical segment for Ariane fuel tank

Cylindrical panel for Ariane structure

Conical orthogrid panel for internal Ariane frame

Spherical tank bulkhead segment for Ariane launcher

Peen forming of cone panel for Ariane launcher