Automated Peen Re-shaping

Automated Peen Re-shaping

Automated Peen Re-Shaping (APR) is designed to bring distorted structural parts back into their defined tolerance range. A combination of relaxation peening and peen forming is required to bring each component back to its required shape.

As in our unique APF, the technology is ready for automated series production once the peening parameters have been established and the corresponding software written.

APR is an extremely efficient process which can be carried out on large components such as fuselage shells and small structures such as aircraft ribs, beams, frames and spars.

Laser-beam-welded fuselage shell before peen re-shaping

Re-shaped frame component for aircraft structure

Tolerance measurement after peen re-shaping

Inboard rib for aircraft structure

Longitudinal beam for aircraft structure

Frame component for aircraft structure